On Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette and ‘too many onions’ (Overland)

In Nanette, a brilliant meta-comic retrospective meets arts-as-activism performance, Gadsby revisits punchlines she’s been delivering onstage for years, as a gut-punch farewell. I remember these jokes from shows past: her slow, deliberate phrasing deployed to get our biggest laughs. She reminds us of her mother’s response to Gadsby’s coming out (‘I don’t want to know. I don’t. I mean, what if I told you I was a murderer?’). That time she narrowly avoided assault for flirting with a girl (the girl’s boyfriend mistook her for a man, and apologised for his mistake).

But this time, she makes her audience pause to consider these stories. Are they jokes? Are they funny? Aren’t they horrific? READ MORE


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