Sydney Festival 2017 Cabaret: new narratives to the fore (Daily Review)

tomboysurvivalguide_jamiewilliams-8549-768x451“Three women appear to float above the stage. They’re dressed like angels; like three heavenly figures from a Renaissance painting. They talk about poo problems.

Women in Jetsons-style jumpsuits tell us we’re in a safe space away from the crushing world of political despair, ringmasters to a circus cabaret of absurdity and metaphor.

A trans performer speaks breathlessly about long-ago crushes on beautiful women. Behind them, a band of tomboys play ‘Crimson and Clover,’ the song rising like curlicues of smoke around the artist.

Wesley Enoch’s Sydney Festival is shaking up the dominant cultural narrative and giving us oft-overlooked perspectives. These three shows – Ich Nibber Dibber, Tomboy Survival Guide, and Retro Futurismus – grapple with memory and history, deliberately filtering past, present and future though still-marginalised lenses” …READ MORE


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