Mother’s Ruin: a cabaret about gin & women, my two favourite things (Time Out Sydney)

I gave it five stars.

image“If you don’t think a cabaret that quotes 18th century lawmakers can be hot as fuck, then you haven’t seen Mother’s Ruin: A Cabaret about Gin.

Gin is one the most politicised drinks in the world: Government-sanctioned propaganda blamed it for British madness and destruction, and its most common mixer, tonic water (which contains the malaria remedy quinine), was used as both a weapon and tool of African colonisation.

But gin’s history is also closely tied to women’s rights. It wasn’t men that were driven to madness and infanticide in the famous ‘Gin Lane’ print that helped usher in the Gin Act, curbing the drinking of the English poor. The men were all over in the accompanying ‘Beer Street,’ perfectly healthy and happy. It was the women who were depicted as ill, mad and lost to gin.

Society has never liked a woman who drinks…”READ MORE


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