Prize Fighter is an essential new Australian play (aussietheatre)

32054905041_da31aee271_z-350x219Every minute of Prize Fighter, the acclaimed playwrighting debut by Future D. Fidel, is essential.  At only 65 minutes in length the play, now at Belvoir after a strong season at Brisbane Festival, is a fight for life.

Isa (Pacharo Mzembe), a refugee newly settled in Australia, is a boxer training for a national title and Bill Haylock’s set keeps us perpetually in the boxing ring, no matter where we are – training, fighting, or back in the Congo, where the horrors of Isa’s past are never too far from his mind. With money and a title finally under his belt, Isa will be secure in Australia; then he can really focus on finding his brother, from whom he was separated as a child…. READ MORE


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