cirque du soleil is the worst: a twitter review of Kooza


I saw Kooza. I hated it.

why cirque du soleil is bad: a storify

  1. cirque du soleil is the worst: men’s tricks are all abt strength & they dress like it but women wear nude fishnet leos & flirt with clowns
  2. @cassietongue in Kooza the clowns get a woman from the audience up & then all the clowns jump all over her & kiss her hands/arms/etc
  3. @cassietongue & the poor woman just stands there & has to seem like a good sport about it all bc society.
  4. @cassietongue the structure of tricks/acts in cirque shows: rock music for men in the air/ soft ballads for women in the air
  5. @cassietongue no women have a mic or have lines in the pre-show or during it. Women can’t be clowns, just flexible objects who blow kisses.
  6. @cassietongue plus the shows are full of cultural appropriation and absent plot or ambition. Kooza just churns out tricks for money.
  7. @cassietongue Kooza… the cirque show about the magic of… the circus. With sexy lady skeletons. Because we have to gender skeletons.
  8. @cassietongue sat behind 2 young kids last night & thought, they don’t get a break from this gendered bullshit ANYWHERE. even in fantasyland
  9. @cassietongue the cirque giant is a moneymaking machine & will never change but we see it. we see you.




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