Belvoir’s Back at the Dojo is a hollow tearjerker (Time Out Sydney)

image-1Melbourne-based playwright Lally Katz was last at Belvoir with the ‘Cat’ part of the rom-com double bill The Dog/The Cat, a slice of magical realism that featured Twilight star Xavier Samuel as a rapping cat. But she’s best known for semi-autobiographical work – most recently, at Belvoir, for Stories I Want To Tell You In Person (subsequently adapted by Matchbox Pictures for TV), and Neighbourhood Watch (currently being adapted for screen by Lally and director Gillian Armstrong).

This month she’s back with the loosely biographical Back at the Dojo, a romantic and overwrought re-imagination of the life of her father, Dan Katz, that features a trans character loosely based on Lally herself and created specifically for actor Luke Mullins (with whom Katz has a long working relationship as part of Melbourne company Stuck Pigs Squealing, who are behind this show). It’s another piece of magical realism; this time, instead of a cat with a record contract, it’s a case of duelling timelines as a bad LSD trip brings scenes from Dan’s past into the present… READ MORE


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