The Darlo’s A Man With Five Children just made me miss Nick Enright (aussietheatre)

full-cast-a-man-with-five-children-c-helen-white-350x233Nick Enright’s A Man With Five Children is a thoughtful exploration of the beginnings of reality television. Based on the Seven Up! documentary series, his filmmaker Gerry (Jeremy Waters), decides to follow five children with his camera until they turn 21. The thing is, he has trouble letting go – his lives and theirs become uncomfortably intertwined.

Enright’s children are the product of our all-too-brief proud multiculturalist movement of the 1970s, with diverging markers of race and class. Zoe (Jody Kennedy) is shy and working class; Cameron (Taylor Wiese), also working class and with a penchant for sports, has inherited his family’s xenophobia; Jessie (Chenoa Deemal), is an Indigenous Australian raised with to be proud and politically aware; Roger (Jemwel Danao) is a first-generation Australian, his parents are high earners; and Susannah (Charlotte Hazard), who is French and also well-off, is bright and academic, with some parental pressure to stick with the books despite a love for softer, more artistic things… READ MORE


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