Savages is full of barely suppressed rage (Time Out Sydney)

image-2Within 24 hours of stepping onto a cruise liner in 2002, Dianne Brimble was drugged, sexually assaulted, and found dead in a cabin belonging to four young men. The crime served as inspiration for Patricia Cornelius’ play Savages (which premiered in 2013 at Melbourne’s Fortyfivedownstairs). It follows four men who pledge to leave their baggage behind as they board a cruise – only they can’t let go of their anger.

We meet George (Troy Harrison), Rabbit (Josef Ber), Craze (Yure Covich) and Runt (Thomas Campbell) as they board the ship and roam it like a pack, occasionally battling for alpha status, always looking for and at women. They are tired of work and their everyday lives. They’ve never been anywhere. They’ve never seen anything. They have kids, and exes, and scars. They feel, collectively, that they deserve greatness, and that they are constantly handed disappointments… READ MORE


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