Helen Dallimore’s The Fantasticks is shockingly harmful (aussietheatre)

laurence-coy-jonathan-hickey-bobbie-jean-henning-garry-scale-the-fantasticks-c-marnya-rothe-350x233If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can call The Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence National Help Line any time on 1800 Respect (1800 737 732).

Dallimore’s production isn’t edgy, it doesn’t simply ‘go too far’ – it’s just frustratingly offensive, and shockingly lazy. Shows don’t need to continue their historically misogynist bents; the majority of musicals might be written by men and frequently reduce their women characters to little more than shells, but in 2016, with a woman director, these issues can be explored and course-corrected in direction and performance.  Shows in 2016 can reclaim some dignity for their women and they should– because otherwise, what on earth are you saying with your production? What message are you sending to your audience? … READ MORE


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